CSP Delta comparison and 2022 results

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    I share a CSP scan bi weekly and behind the scenes I also track the running P/L. You may wonder how well it works. Scan settings used are from

    Because I use Excel for gathering all of the info I can easily track multiple strategies.
    We are going to compare a range from .30 delta to .05 delta. And a range from .20 delta to .05 delta. The .30 to .05 delta scan is the same scan shared each week. All trades are entered Friday afternoon and held to the following Fri expiration and settled to cash at expiration. Both strategies show a profit for 2022 even in a bear market. This could be in part to the large number of trades from 40 to upwards of 200 each week. Also 1 loser can wipe out 10 winners so having a large number of trades can help. I think this is why Tasty Trade recommends to trade small and often. The individual weeks can be found at https://options-guru.com/category/csp-scan/.

    This is the complete scan posted each week with the settings in the above video. Delta used is .30 to .05. To trade all symbols in the .30 to .05 range 3M would be the max acct size used. The weekly average works out to 1M. Total P/L is 23k

    Same settings as above only we look for delta in the range of .20 to .05. To trade all symbols found in the.20 to .05 delta range a max acct size of 1M was used with a weekly average of 240k. Total P/L is 25k. The P/L is larger than the above chart while also using an acct 1/3 the size. We had much fewer draw downs going with lower delta giving a higher probability.

    Moving forward I will no longer share a CSP or CC scan on this site. I have been sharing this info freely for the past 2 years but it has run its course. I started sharing because I wanted the data to see how profitable CSP can be in both bull and bear markets. We had a nice bull rally in 2021 and the a bear market in 2022. It takes a considerable amount of time and resources weekly to gather and post the scans. I started 0dte trading in the last quarter of 2022 and it has been such a success I'm going to focus more on it. If you still want to receive the weekly CSP consider joining the my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/Options_Guru. I have a bot setup that shares all of the ticker symbols the scan finds every Friday before market close. Or if you have TOS I have instructions above on how to build the scan above. I have always recommended to build the scan and adjust the scan settings to meet the end users needs. I'm always willing to help anyone needing adjustments to the settings.
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